Fabulous application will change your android device to 360° and make it 3D| try it yourself!

Androidbx.com - TSF Launcher 3D Shell

Many users of the android devices want to amend the system interface and make it look beautiful and fabulous even, and why not… so today I wanted to share with you a very beautiful application that will change how your android device look and make it appear in 3D !

I am talking about an application called TSF Launcher 3D Shell as I suppose that not so many people have it, because it’s a new application but it has spread quickly for the features that it holds and which are very worth trying, for example one of the goods the app offers is that it works on changing the way you move between application, another one, which is on the Samsung Edge devices, allows to show some the quick setting on the phone

The TSF Launcher 3D Shell offers a verity of styles that show you the weather of the city you are at, and the beautiful thing about that is that it’s in 3D meaning that it moves looks classy, and as just a remark before the end of this article I would like to inform to an issue that I consider to be negative about this application is that after installing it the battery will somehow drain faster due to the amount of effect that the app uses, but still that does not hold you back from trying this app that will change you device’s interface to 360° !

Download link: TSF Launcher 3D Shell