Twitter lunches direct message button

ADVERTISEMENT launched today a new button for the websites that allow its visitors to communicate and contact with the administrators through twitter’s direct message, this feature is for the purpose of spreading the network over the apps their service.

The social network is continuing the work on its strategy about the direct messaging, as the new button gives a new step forward for why should tweeting be more connect and go with the everyday life.
Though twitter is not the first to think about this idea, as other available services such as Intercom, Zendesk and Facebook has followed on similar steps and engaging buttons that allow for direct connection with  companies and the business sector.

The sites and companies that want to use this new button need to modify their twitter accounts, to activate the possibility to receive private messages from anyone, then they can add the button into their sites.

The new button would make it easier for the possibility of connecting with the costumers service of the companies especially when in need to buy some product or when there is any question or specific enquiries, making it a more easier way than using electronic email or calling the technical support’s number of that company.

The direct messages were unuseful once due its limitation to 140 letters, but twitter has changed that and it has allowed for messages that get up to 10 thousand letters, allowing the customers the use the messages to give complaints or receive clarifications without having to write numerous texts and send it as multiple parts.