How to get 100GB of free cloud storage for your mobile files!

    An important segment of the people who own Smartphones suffer great from the limited Storage Space on their phones, forcing them to delete some of the files, pictures and videos to get more space so they can download and install the apps that they like. So in today’s blog I will share with you a way or say an app that will give you up to 100GB cloud storage space, for free and without any conditions. In which you can store any of the files that you wish regardless of its size of format! 

    So to get a cloud storage space up to 100GB for free, first you have to download an app called ‘’Degoo’’, you will find the download link in the end of this blog, this app is simply amazing it allows you to move the files, pictures and videos you have on your phone’s memory to the storage space that you have all the control of, therefore, you will definitely fix the shortage space issue on your phone!

The way this app works is very easy, soon as you download and install the app on your phone , it will automatically demand you to sign up using either your account on Google plus  or through typing in your email and then password then create your personal account on the app. In case you have chosen to sign in through Google plus, just give it the necessary permissions to take the information needed to create the account, do not be scared this is something normal. After successfully creating your account on the app, you will be able to freely use a storage space sized about 100GB then, you can transfer all the files from your phone and have permanent access to it !

It’s also worth mentioning that the app has special version for the web, you can check its official website in this link, which also gives you up to 100GB of free storage space. And if you send three invitations to your friend to sign-in in this site you will be added 500GB more space (awesome). Another thing which truly amazed me in this special service is that gives you the ability to send a very large file to one of your friends through email without having to wait for a long time.. With only one click!

You can download Degoo app to get 100GB storage space through this link