Why you have to encrypt your phone with fastest and easiest way to do It in seconds.


   With the technological evolution the smart phone become indispensable in our lives, with it now we can accomplish many things that were difficult to do in past times, also many people can now dispense using computer and only use the smart phone instead, the latter holds our private information including some sensitive ones such as bank card numbers and private photos, which would forces us to encrypt our phones so that nobody have access to the information within incase it got lost.

   As we all know all the smart phones we own are always in danger and at risk of getting stolen or being lost, such thing may have you on constant worry especially of you have some important and sensitive information on your smart phone, so I wanted to share with you how to fully encrypt you phone, after doing so and In case it got stolen be sure that no one would be able to extract the information on your phone.

As a first step go to this directory on your phone:

Settings - Security - Encrypt Phone

This step is very important because you cannot encrypt your phone without activating password for the screen with also secret code that you already have like the phone pattern.

So, after choosing the Encrypt Phone option you will be asked to inter a private password then you move to Encrypt External SD card option meaning that all the information on the external memory like pictures, files… will all be encrypted.