Finally a USB Killer available for sale


 Since revealing a new invention last year the innovation ‘’USB killer’’ raised a lot of controversy among professionals and technology enthusiasts. And it is about a USB key that is capable of destroying every computer it is installed on, which is puts all the computers of this type at a great risk.

The Russian hacker Dark Purple had revealed last year his new invention which goes by the name USB Killer that is capable of destroying any computer it is installed in, as it sends a high electrical charge resulting in the motherboard getting burned which means immediate shut down for the computer, but a specialized company in Hong Kong got into the business and will start making this invention and selling it.

   According to ‘’Marshable’’ website from the manufacturing company, 95 per cent of the computers are at risk of USB Killer except for Apple computers. The USB kill company says that its new product will be a part of a system protection which every person that works in the areas of security and informational gear must have it.

   The company suggests for the customers the pre order for 49.95 Euro in addition to another device ‘’Test Shield’’ for 13.95 Euro which is a protection device that is installed between the USB key and the port to determine the resistance to high electric charges attacks.