An vulnerability in Apple’s systems makes it very easy to be hacked


A security expert found a vulnerability  in the way that  Apple systems deal with photos which allows hackers to control over Iphone Smartphones, Ipad tablets, Apple watch, personal Mac computers and Apple TV platform through sending an imessage text or an email.

The expert explained that the vulnerability within the application programming interface (API) on the Apple systems allows for the suspicious files that come in TIFF format imposing what’s called: buffer overflow, giving the hackers penetrate Apple’s security functions and enabling their own code on the system.

Tyler Bohan of Cisco Talos security company said that ‘’this vulnerability is causing concern especially due to its ability to be run on any application that uses the application programming interface (API) for images, and when opening the tiled TIFF image files’’.

Mentioning that most of the applications on the Iphone devices use this application programming interface, including the messaging application, safari web browser, and the email application which makes them all at risk of being hacked.

The security experts said that in case one of the TIFF image files was opened automatically or manually, the hacker would be able to have full control over the device, as well as stealing the passwords and other information, with possibility for all of this to happen with having the user any clue about it.

To fix this vulnerability, Apple Company released last Monday new updates for all its operating systems, which are: IOS 9.3.3, macOS 10.11.6, tvOS 9.2.2, and watchOS 2.2.2
As for the users who didn’t get this update through the settings on their devices, Itunes, or mac app store, they are still being at risk.