Did someone block your phone number? Learn how to unblock it and hide your number when calling without using any application


   One of the followers once asked me about how to call someone who had blocked your number and couldn’t call him/her, and I found that the subject is very helpful, so I wanted to share with you the way without having to use any application. Many of you might know that the calling settings on your android and iphone phones, have the option of hiding  the calling ID this way makes your phone invisible for the receiver and also unblocks you and makes it possible for to call those who blocked you. So, we will explain the way to do it on both android and iphone, to the details…

  • Android phones  

   For android phones you will only have to go to Settings then tap Call as in this picture

   After that you go to Additional settings then to Caller ID and tap and tap under it

   Finally, choose the option of Hide Number to hide it

This way you will hide your phone, also you will unblock those who blocked you so that if you tried calling them you will be able to.

The way also does not differ much from android phones, so you can go to Settings then phone then shadow my caller id and deactivate it as shown in this picture

   Deactivate shadow my caller id then your number will be hidden and also ublocked.