How to protect your battery when you are charging your phone?


The Battery University website that specializes in Smartphone batteries published some advices to preserve your battery, and they as the following:

1- Do not leave your phones connected with charger after charging is complete

Leaving your phone connected after charging is done has many risks on battery on the long run, because just when it reaches 100%, the phone discharges and charges the battery with a very little amount to maintain this percentage. This would put the battery under a great pressure and affect its chemical composition on the long run.

2- It’s better not to let the phone reach 100%

Batteries are made of lithium therefore it doesn’t need to reach 100% of charging, it’s also better for it not reach this degree because the high voltages have a negative effect on the battery and can risk the battery life.

3- Always make sure your phone is cooled down.

Smartphone batteries are very sensitive to heat, so never charge your phone under a hot sun or the places where the temperature is very hot.