How to stop WhatsApp from sharing your personal data with Facebook


The instant messaging service ‘’Whatsapp’’ had announced this Thursday an update concerning the terms and privacy policy, to soon star sharing ‘’some’’ of the private information of its users with the main company Facebook.

The users have the possibility to stop this from happening and block Whatsapp from sharing any of their information to the Facebook platform, this comes after making the option of sharing the users private number as automated on Whatsapp.

When the feature officially arrives the user will get a notification that the privacy policy has changed, as it comes as a floating notification within the service agreement text.

The user must quickly avoid pressing the AGREE tab and tap on READ MORE, then move down and uncheck the box to deactivate the option of sharing personal information onto Facebook
The user, in case he accidently pressed the agree tab before activating this tab, will be able to correct it and uncheck it in a 30 day period.

And this can be done through Whatsapp Settings then Account then ‘’Share my account info’’ and uncheck the box.

Doing this guarantees the app not sending texts that include the users’ private number with Facebook, and secure the rest of the users’ data and keeping it safe.