Learn this awesome way that this Korean boy earns 1500$ with.

With this weird unimaginable way this Korean boy BJ Patoo earns 1500$ from his home every day, with just ordering meals from restaurants to his house then  calls his friends in a lot of the in a lot of the times to eat with him these meals in front of a lot of spectators using webcam, but the strange thing about it is that a lot patiently wait for the date.

 About the way this boy earns the amount of money with every day is with his viewer’s donations, as each follower grants him star balloons, each star having a value of ten 0. 1 $, these are given to him for enjoying watching him eat these meals, after earning a lot of star balloons he exchange them with money, as each 10 equals 1 US Dollar.

Not everyone in Korea excels at it, but what is special about this kid is high morals and sticking to the country’s customs and traditions when eating food as well as that he never utters a single cuss word or have in vulgarity.

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