Make the best prank to your friend that will make him go crazy and hate his computer| new awesome application

Friends always try to get each other with pranks for fun and games, if you have friends that are interested in technology and have own computers this blog is made up for you and all pranksters in general for the amount of awesome programs that run such stuff.

  Today we’ll try a beautiful and special program called Key Prank, the idea of the program works as in the title meaning a prank for the keyboard. The program is very easy to use and totally free, all you have to do is to download it from the official link that I’ll leave at the end of this blog, then install it on your friend’s computer or sending it as a message so that he opens it without him knowing what waits for him opening the program, when clicking twice on the icon of the program it will automatically run in the background.

After opening the program and when your friend has typed anything using his own keyboard it will show only the fallowing letters:       ROFLLOLROFLTROLLLOLROFLROFLROFLLO
And it will always keep showing therefore will never be able to type what he wants whatever he does.

In order for the program to be stopped and deleted all you have to do is to enter to Task Manager then search for the program Key Prank and delete it or reboot the computer then everything will be back to normal.

Program download link: Key Prank