Microsoft receives the support of several companies in its battle concerning customer’s data.


According to a new report published by Reuters’s agency, Microsoft Company gained the support of several tech companies like Amazon, Apple and Google in its lawsuit battle to show that the government is requesting customer’s data without them acknowledging it.

   Many tech giants, media giants and other companies have united and filed a lawsuit in support to Microsoft’s battle to quash a law that prevents companies informing customers that the government is requesting their data.

   This support shows a tremendous unity of Microsoft Company and the technology industry in a high-level clash with the US justice department concerning privacy and digital surveillance.

   Among those backing Microsoft are US Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, Delta Air Lines Inc, Washington post, Fox News, the National Newspaper Association and also tech giants like Apple Inc, Alphabet’s Google, Amazon and more.

The company had filed the lawsuit against US Justice Department in Seattle federal court last April, arguing that law is allowing the government to take over the data on the third-party computers, and usually the companies are prevented from informing their customers that they are targeted, adding that these are unconstitutional acts.

The Justice Department says that Microsoft Company must not make this issue public, and that the people have a strong interest in making criminal investigations private, assuring that the procedural guarantees protect the constitutional rights.
   Microsoft Company shows that the government is violating the fourth commandment that protects people and companies and informing them if weather the government is searching or trying to seize over their data.

The lawsuit included storing data in far away servers, which usually referred to as ‘’cloud computing’’, the company showed that it received up to 2600 court orders in the last 18 months, and that the company was also blocked from informing its customers that the criminal investigation authorities has seized over their data.

Also five former officials that were working in the justice or the Federal Bureau of Investigation or in Washington State have given their support to Microsoft.

A federal court of appeals also sided with Microsoft Company in June on a different case against the Justice Department that the government cannot force tech companies to submit and hand over emails of the company’s customers stored in the servers outside the United States.