Snapchat facilitates making geographic filters with customizable filters.


The captioned messaging service ‘’Snapchat’’ plans to facilitate the making of ‘’geographic filters’’ for any user, through releasing a group of customizable filters on the company’s website.
These filters are made for the users who want to get fast results doing only few steps, in the case you wouldn’t need using editing photo software products like Photoshop to make geographic filters for events.

The Snapchat service wants its users to be able to publish expressive stories, even it be someone’s birthday, marriage, festival, a celebration or a graduation.

Therefore, the filter feature is a great deal, but many users don’t want to spent a long time making a special layout for that event, but they want to get something special, fast and of their own.
So the Snapchat users are able to choose the overall theme they like with filters, then they can add the design, text and the colors and quickly finishing work.

The service started to provide the geographic filters upon request in February, as it is considers a great deal for users to modify their stories and make it more private and closer to the user’s personality.

The latest statistics show that the service users have watched more than a billon ‘’snap’’ with geographic filters.

The users tend to design geographic filters that adjust with the website in size, with the geographic filter prices starting from 5 dollars, and the price changes depending on the size and time period of each filter.