Be one of the first people to try the new Youtube Go application from Google and watch Youtube videos without internet.


To help users get over internet problems and especially in the regions and countries that doesn’t provide a fast throughput internet fir its people, Google produced a new application that gives the ability to watch Youtube videos without needing to connect to the interne. This application is named Youtube Go, it was announced today and was given its own pre order page to be notified as soon as it is officially released in the near time.

Youtube Go application works similarly as youtube offline in the youtube red service which allows you to save videos to watch them later when you don’t have internet connection. These videos are saved on the application’s services not on your phone’s storage. When you go back to open the application again and even you don’t have any internet, you will find the videos that you saved and enjoy watching them.

To be one of the first people to use this application, as I said before, Google has provided a registration page in which you can type in your phone number or email then click on submit, and you will be notified as soon as it is released and you will be first to try it out of  millions of users around the world.

Registration page: Youtube Go