Get to know the new wonderful simulator Xamarin that runs android apps and games on your computer

Android simulators give you the possibility to run applications of the android system on Windows, Mac or Linux, which allows you to enjoy the features of this system without having to buy a device, or so that you can have a little experience with it before you buying it, also, to test applications for developers.

As usual in this website you always find the newest of these simulators and of course the best, therefore we brought you today a new program that runs android applications on your computer.

Xamarin has an original interface of the android system and it allows you to efficiently run and test the application, giving the priority to the developers. It can be easily used for those who want to try android’s new features like running apps and playing games.

This simulator includes the complete specifications of an android system and it works faster than the other simulators, it has a special beautifully designed interface and supports the majority of the applications in Google play.

Download: xamarin