Google Allo, the smart instant messaging app, reaches android and IOS


Google company had announced in last Tuesday the releasing a smart instant messaging application “Google Allo” on android and IOS systems, after about four months of announcing it for the first time to its own developers Google I/O 2016.

Google said in a publication on its official blog that the application Google Allo will help users put plans out, find information and express ideas and thoughts much easier in the chats.

According to Google the application offers a new innovative way to communicate and express thoughts through special stickers, fees, big emojis and texts.

the app brings many smart features to help the users, one of them is the Google personal help feature in its first version which allows the user to get information, answers and planning with friends without leaving the conversation and that’s through writing @google in the conversation box then ask any question on the personal help.

The instant replay is also one of the main smart features in the app, the user can reply messages without having to type, learning the user’s style in expressions then give appropriate suggestions for the texts and pictures.

Google mentioned that personal help feature is currently only supporting English, the other languages will be available over the next period.

Google showed on its publication some of the additional features like the “feather” whom you would be able with to draw on pictures and delicately add words on them with special stickers supporting around 25 packs of stickers specially designed by independent studios and draftsmen around the world.

 Another Google Allo feature the ability to change text size, giving the users the control over text size within the chat with only sliding his finger over the words, adding to that the hidden chat feature which allows sending hidden messages and using special notifications for more strict confidentiality and controlling the period of time of retained messages with the time limited chats.

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You can register in the app using the phone number or Google account, oppositely to the video calling app Google Duo which requires a phone number to register.

Google Allo app is now available on Google play and App store for free, in consideration that the app will be spread in the whole word in the next few days.

It is worth mentioning that Google Company has announced the Google Allo app in a conference for developers Google I/O 2016 next the Google Duo app for video calling that the company has officially released on the application stores of the android system and IOS last august.