Twitter adds new icon for blocking unwanted tweets


Twitter, the mini-blogging service, started releasing a new update for its application users of the IOS, the update adds a new option for giving opinions about the appearing tweets, this gives twitter a better knowledge about tweet types.

This update which is aimed for the IOS system only offers a new icon as new reaction for the application’s service, called ‘’I don’t like this Tweet”. The option simply marks the types of the tweet which you do not want to see.

The services apparently wishes through this icon to improve the quality of the tweets that appear on the timeline of the users, and show costumed tweets for every users so that it catches their intention and increase their satisfaction about the service.

The company says on its official website that the new option “I don’t like this Tweet” helps it in getting a better understanding for the tweets that the users wishes not to see them in the future on his/her timeline

The “I don’t like this Tweet” icon is step forward for the service to refine and improve the timeline feature, as it also helps with the company’s statistics so that it becomes more precise when shown to the user.

This feature is gradually available for IOS system users, and currently unavailable for the android system users nor the web user of the twitter service.

It is also worth mentioning that service has released last February the “customized timeline” which mainly relies on the statistics, so it shows the users the most highlighted tweets from when he was away.